For new visitor

60 lashes (30×30)

4,900yen Trial Menu for new visitor

Natural Style

80 lashes(40×40)

12,000yen→9,600yen 20% discount for new visitor

The most popular

120 lashes(60×60)

15,000yen→12,000yen 20% discount for new visitor


160 lashes(80×80)

20,000yen→16,000yen 20% discount for new visitor

For special day

color 20 lashes

3,000yen→2,400yen 20% discount for new visitor

lower eyelash

lower 1 lash

200yen→160yen 20% discount for new visitor

Repair 1 lash
As much as you want
¥ 150(Tax is not included)


1day Jewel
For the special day
¥ 1,000~(Tax is not included)
7days Jewel
For the special week
¥ 1,000~(Tax is not included)


Cortex Treatment
To make your natural eyelash more healthy, strongly and elasticity.
¥ 2,000(Tax is not included)

Cortex is an elactic layer in the natural eyelashes. To make them keep the proper direction.


Remove (attached in our salon)
We recomend you to take the eyelash off at least one time in 3 months.
¥ 2,000(Tax is not included)
Remove (attached in another salon)
Even you attached extensions in another salon, we will remove them pleasantly.
¥ 3,000(Tax is not included)


¥ 500(Tax is not included)