Procare Eyelash provides a high skilled technique
and top-quality products with the excellent service to the customers.

These days Eyelash extension is a common tool for people who have a high sense of beauty.

Instead of wearing a mascara and having false eyelashes, eyelash extensions give you more time rather than doing a full make up by yourself.
Moreover, you can get “Ideal Eyes”

in lots of design which we provide.Basically, the upper and lower eyelashes composed total 200 strands.
We help you to change the image to make your eyes bigger,

more beautiful attaching about 100 strands of extensions.It is difficult to find the best Eyelash Extension Salon these days.
It might be an itchy and hurt if you have a miss-understanding of your own eyes.
Here are professors of Eyelash Extension in Procare Eyelash,

so that we can select and which design suit you among the hundreds of design.
We attach the eyelash extensions not only on your healthy eyelash,
but also the baby hair.

You can absolutely get a beautiful attached line of 1.5mm from the root of the natural eyelash.
We have a proud of that you can feel comfortable like not wearing extensions.