Thank you for coming PROCARE Eyelash.
To prevent the infection of the Coronavirus(COVID-19), we are strengthening the hygiene of our branches as below:

・Being sure to wash lash designers’ hands and gargle every treatment.
・Disinfecting beds every customer.
・Sterilizing tweezers or brush every customer.
・Changing tools such as swabs, cotton pads, and surgical tapes every customer.
・Using disposable pillow sheets.
・Disinfecting reception or dresser frequently.
・Letting in fresh air or getting air circulation all times.
・Putting some distance between another customers as much as possible.
・Wearing surgical mask at all times.
・Using a cash tray as means to avoid handing money.When you are pay, please place your payment into the tray and receive changes from it.
・Lash designers take temperature before work and in the evening. If a lash designer should have a fever over 37.5 degrees, we forbid her to have work. In that case, we ask to swap your appointment.

From the viewpoint of prevention of the Coronavirus(COVID-19) infection spread, we suspend following things for the time being:

・Placing some hairbrushes or dryer.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We are placing ultimate priority on the safety of customer. All customers are requested to follow below actions.

・Please come salon with wearing a surgical mask. We assume there is a shortage of surgical mask, but we kindly ask for your cooperation.
・Please apply hand sanitizer when you arrive at the salon.
・We will have the bare minimum of conversation with customers to reduce the risk of droplet infection. We hate to bring this up, but please understand it.
・We would like customer to take temperature before coming salon. If you have a fever over 37.5 degrees, please change your appointment day. Moreover taking temperature is required all customer at salon also. If you have a fever over 37.5 degrees, the appointment is cancelled. We kindly ask for your understanding.
・Treatment shall not be provided by any person who fall within any of the following items within the last 14 days:
1.Have a fever over 37.5 degrees.
2.Not feeling well. Especially people who have a hacking cough, sore throat or fatigue.
3.Have close contact with people who show above symptoms or infected person.
4.Enter Japan from abroad. Or have close contact with those who came from abroad.
5.Have visited crowded closed spaces or any places where community spread has been reported.

Please refrain from coming salon if you are elderly, underlying conditions, or pregnant, even if you do not have any symptoms above.

Appointment is changeable anytime. Feel free to contact each salon or PROCARE Eyelash English Support Service. We pay heed of preventing infection, the hygiene or our health care.As the situation developed, we will share any additional information accordingly.

Again we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please stay healthy.