PROCARE Lab Co., Ltd. shall comply with the laws and regulation, directions ordered by the government and other by laws or codes in connection with the handling of private information.

Definition of the personal information
Personal information means your name, address, birthday, gender, phone number, mail address, occupation, The number of credit card, others information about credit card, the answers for questions, hobbies, lifestyle.
Collection and the use of the personal information
Among the services of our site such as the information distribution with the E-mail, please let collect the personal information of the visitor to have use it as far as is necessary by means such as Web, the entry to a document at the salon. The questionnaire for service improvement, the repayment to a visitor, the communication in other on-the-job necessary ranges use this.
Third party offer of the personal information
PROCARE Lab Co., Ltd. discloses personal information to a third party to a visitor without permission and provide it unless it depends on the sufficient reasons such as the cases that we are based on law.
Management of the personal information
We install a personal information protection management representative to prevent a leak of the personal information, loss, damage.
Moreover, we carry out appropriate management of the personal information that we keep personal information to the latest thing.
The inquiry of information contents, a correction or deletion
PROCARE Lab Co., Ltd. revise inquiry of the personal information or modify and delete. We do not change them without the instructions and an agreement.
an opinion and complaint about the privacy
If there are any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.